Monday, November 2, 2009

And so it begins.....again

I thought about posting everything that has happened since June 30, 2008, but after more thought I decided to only summarize what has happened to date. I guess I can sum it up with just few words actually: prayer, concern, prayer, questioning, prayer, realization, prayer, excitement, prayer, and yes even more prayer. Can you tell that much prayer went in to our decision? From June, 2008, a lot of “things” and events happened that led to where we are today in this journey. We talked frankly to one another, to family, friends, fellow adoptors, and various agencies. We contemplated finances, room, emotions, reactions, consequences, and feelings. Our decision finally rested on one realization. Love and obedience to God’s call. We may not have the room in our house, but we have room in our home. We may not have the finances, but we didn’t with Bella either. We may not have the 100% backing of family and friends, but again, we didn’t with Bella. And that’s OK. What we realize is this. Approximately 6,000 miles from our home is a little white haired girl that needs us. She has a place to live, but doesn’t have a home. She has a group of people she lives with, but she doesn’t have a family. She has a person who watches over her physical needs, but she has no one to share the love of Christ with her. We are going to take care of all of those things with the Lords help and guidance. We can not do those things perfectly, but we can do them. And so we will.
With that being said, welcome to our journey. Share with us if you want and pray for us if you will.

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