Sunday, November 8, 2009

Care Package

Today I finished the care package that is going to Ling. Tomorrow it goes in the mail! We ended up putting the following items in the box: A pink Ohio State hat (just because it was pink, but Trisha will like this anyways), a pair of fuzzy jammies, 4 pair fuzzy socks, 4 pair sunglasses (not fuzzy), a tween journal (hopefully her caretakers will encourage her to write in it and maybe her friends and caretakers will do the same), a set of 4 cute ink pens, chap stick, 1 heart shaped necklace, another necklace that says "big sister", two disposable cameras, hair scrunchies, hair clips, fancy bobbie pins, a package of Gheodelli chocolates (for the orphanage Director), and a photo album with about 75 pics of family (our favorite item). We labeled a lot of the pictures in Chinese and American so that she could see who her mom and dad are (ok, maybe not a good idea-lol) and what her siblings looked like. We also were blessed to be able to have two letters translated (thank you AHH). One from us to Ling and one to the orphanage director. I know how excited we were when we sent Bella a similar box! When I was packing this one for Ling, Bella was asking me question after question. "Daddy, did you send me a box when I was in China"? Yes sweetie, Me and mommy sent you a box just like this one. "Why daddy"? Because we loved you Bella and we wanted to let you know that we were coming for you! "Did you put the same stuff in the box Daddy"? Some of the stuff was the same, but we also sent you some different things that we thought you would like! "I did like them daddy, I liked them a lot"! I dont really think she remembers opening the box, but who knows. We have pictures of her opening it....and they are priceless to us! We pray that this box makes it to Ling with at least the letter and photo album. If the rest of the items make it, great. But we would at least like her to be able to see her new family so that maybe she wont be so scared. If you dont mind, those that are reading this, say a little prayer that the box makes it to the right destination. We probably wont know until we go get her.

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