Monday, November 9, 2009

Today we mailed out the care package. Praying that it makes its way into her hands. According to the post office, it should arrive at her orphanage in 7-10 business days. I didn't mention that we were able to mail the box as a result of an answered prayer. We had it nearly ready to go with the exception of a few remaining items we really wanted to send and was praying for the funds to get them. On Friday we received an unexpected check from a church in Alabama that was just enough to purchase the final remaining items and to pay the postage to send the box. Thank you Lord once again. I also received a few pictures today from an online friend who has been to the orphanage. One of them looks like it was taken on wash day. I couldn't image doing laundry for 200 kids and having to dry it outside on anything available (as the picture alludes). The orphanage is an abandoned hotel. Not really sure of the internal living conditions, but imagine they are sparse at best. I am sure they do the best with what they have.

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  1. Your new daughter is gorgeous. She looks so happy and sweet.

    May I post a link to your blog?