Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inside the Orphanage

Over the last few days, a nice lady has sent me more pictures of Ling's orphanage and surrounding Province. The orphanage is a once abandoned hotel. It looks clean, but according to the pictures I have seen, looks very bleak and somewhat colorless. I am sure they do what they can for these kids, but I wished they had a little money to spend on pictures etc. to make it a little nicer for them. I have stared the certification process for all of our paperwork that must go to the state and federal government as well as the Consulate and Embassy for authentication. Its a huge process, but taken one step at a time, is manageable. Carolyn and I are praying for the money to finish this part of the process. The next time I post, I hope to be able to report that God has provided again :)

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