Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday box

Sorry it has been a while since a post. Still haven't heard from our agency in regards to a log in date (LID). Not really worried about it, just very curious. We should have had an LID several weeks ago. On a brighter note, we mailed out a box on Saturday that contained items for Ling's birthday which is the 21st of this month. She will be 12. I printed several "signs" that said happy birthday etc. and had the kids hold them while I took a picture. I did the same for Carolyn and I. We put these pictures as well as over 100 more into an album for the box. We also sent several outfits, some visual magnifiers, a small craft kit, a flashing "happy birthday pin", a necklace from a friend, 2 more disposable cameras and a few gifts for the orphanage director. It weighed 12 pounds and 4 ounces. It actually cost more to mail it than the value of the contents, but that's ok. We also included a birthday card that we all signed. I know that she probably cannot read any of the words on the pictures or on the card, but she will get the idea as the card and the signs had birthday cakes and balloons etc. on them. We really wanted to send a home movie DVD (in the event she had access to a DVD player), but we dint have time to compose one. If all goes well, she should have the box a few days before her birthday. I know we took a chance on sending her clothes, but Carolyn did a lot of research using Ling's latest measurements to estimate her clothing size.

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