Saturday, March 27, 2010

Almost a teenager

Her birthday came and went. I would have loved to have given her a birthday hug. She turned 12 on March 21st. Almost a teenager. We did have the opportunity to send her a birthday box, which we did. We mailed it on March 6th and according to the tracking slip, it was received at its destination on March 16th. Not sure if that means it made it to her specific orphanage address, or if it was just received in a general location within China. Either way, we are trusting in the Lord that it made its way to her. We were told that she needed and wanted clothes, so we sent 4 pair of Capri's style pants, 4 matching shirts, a Hello Kitty shirt, and a light jacket. We also sent 2 more disposable cameras, a jewelry box craft kit, a picture album with over 120 pictures of family and friends, a photo magnet with the families picture in it, a birthday card with all of our signatures, 2 reading magnifiers, a Happy Birthday flashing button/pin, and a beautiful necklace that a friend of ours sent us for her. In the photo album, we placed pictures of family members holding "Happy Birthday" signs with pictures of BD cakes/balloons etc. so that she could see what we were saying without needing a translator to tell her.

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